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Why should i go Turkey & ALS



We will give Turkish certificate for international students accepted by universities



Tuition fees and cost of living in Turkey is lower than in most European or American countries, but the quality of education remains high. Also only tuition fees are included but cover scholarships for accommodation, insurance and travel costs are available.


Bridge country

Turkey country bridge, East-West (both geographically and culturally, thereby offering a unique cultural experience) that connects


Education Quality

Turkey offers high educational standards and internationally recognized degrees


Quality & Economic Education in




ALS Educational Institution has been operating since 2010 under the Ministry of National Education and has been accredited by the Ministry.

ALS Educational Institution provides University Preparation Turkish, YÖS-SAT-TOEFL Preparation, English Language Training for international students who will study in Turkish universities. ALS also provides University Counseling Services to choose the right department and the right university for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education. In this way, students and their families are provided with a quality, unconcerned and safe environment. In addition, DGS Exam Preparation Trainings are provided for domestic and international students who will do undergraduate transfer. In addition, ALS provides Online YOS and Online Turkish Courses to  Turkish universities examinations preparation for the students who don't graduate yet, thus students will not lose time.

ALS organizes YOS Exams abroad in collaboration with state universities that have agreements with ALS, providing students to settle in the department they will study before leaving their country. The letter of acceptance is sent through universities or ALS when international students are placed in the relevant department and after that, the students are provided with a visa counseling service to obtain a visa with this acceptance letter. ALS provides meeting at the airport, accommodation, health insurance, and residence permit services when students come to Turkey and support the students to adapt to the environment for 1 year.

As ALS, we help our students with the process of coming to Turkey without leaving their homes. We help our students to begin their education, adaptation to the daily life after their arrival in Turkey with our expert and genial team and we make them feel safe at home.


Holidays and holidays program for groups of young people for 2, 3 or 4 weeks These students during the time will do language lessons and afternoons activities in the mornings This is an excellent opportunity for young people to develop themselves in a really enjoyable way Students will improve their language skills, new cultures and society will discover beautiful and interesting places to visit and would-ANTALYA Turkey ‘s one of the most important places in the resort, you will enjoy sports and activities

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