In recent years, the popularity of  career in Agriculture has increased. As the number of students interested in this field continues to increase, the young candidates realized that the agriculture industry is profitable, that it is a respected and influential department in the world, and that it is possible to solve the problems in the food sector with qualified people. Agriculture is not a primitive field in today's world; It is an area where scientific research and high technologies are used. In addition, the agriculture department is a department that provides a wide range of studies. For this reason, you are not limited to a single study area, you can make a difference by choosing the department you are interested in.

Agricultural departments where you will make a difference at Yozgat Bozok University:

  • Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Plant Protection
  • Department of Agricultural Economics
  • Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering
  • Field Crops Department
  • Department of Animal Science


According to the labor statistics, the most needed area today is the field of agriculture. Agriculture is important for our survival by providing the food you need for our survival, so the need for qualified people is increasing day by day. By studying agricultural production and soil science, you will have a strong scientific foundation in agriculture. You will determine your field of interest throughout your education life and you will have the opportunity to customize it. With the scope of the education offered to you by Yozgat Bozok University, you will graduate as qualified agriculturalists. Those who graduate from the agriculture department become professional not only in agriculture but also in the livestock sector. You will have the opportunity to work with academics who are focused on preparing you for international work in the most needed field in the world. In general, you understand the scientific, moral and commercial principles behind soil science and gain technical skills through practical training as well as theoretical training.

Although soil science is thought to be associated with farming practice, it is considered a branch of science in today's world where the most advanced technologies are used. Soil science provides the fundamental improvement of health problems, quality of life and hunger problems in the world. Do you want to take part in the field of agriculture that the whole world needs? Do you want to eradicate malnutrition in the world? Do you have a special bond with the soil and want to work with plants on a regular basis? If your answer is yes, Yozgat Bozok University gives you this opportunity!

Here are the titles you will earn in Yozgat Bozok University in two years:


  • Soil Scientist
  • Plant Protection Specialist
  • Agriculture Training Personnel
  • Plant Protection Personnel
  • Technician – Engineer


Although it is thought that many years of experience are required to have a career in agriculture, you gain knowledge and skills at an international level after completing a four-year undergraduate program. After you have your diploma at the end of four years, you can specialize in the field you have determined and start to touch the lives of the entire world population by making a difference in the quality of life in your career.





If you're still confused and aren't comfortable choosing an episode directly, get off to a good start to seize the opportunity. Soil science is a treasure waiting to be discovered. It is a profession group that will not disappear in the past, present and future, and is the future of the world. It is a section supported by the states regarding job opportunities, so it is a section where you will not have any job problems. A world without agriculture and food is unthinkable, and the need for qualified personnel is increasing day by day. You will not only be interested in the soil, but also become a part of a sector where you will find opportunities in fields such as agricultural mechanics, agricultural expertise, agricultural engineering, agribusiness, financial transactions, animal science.

Agriculture is the key to the economy. It is the backbone of countries' economic systems. In addition to providing food and raw materials, it provides employment to a large percentage in the world and in Turkey. Before the industrial revolution, agriculture was the primary source in the economy and the basis for the emergence of trade.

You can be one of the agricultural professionals needed all over the world! After receiving education in the field of agriculture, you can take your place in public and private institutions. After four years of education, you can have job opportunities and get a high paying job. You can also have the opportunity to work as a freelancer. You can also choose to climb the career ladder with your undergraduate, graduate, doctoral education. You can work interdisciplinary; You can also have information about economics, technicians, biological, chemistry and social sciences and gain a perspective in the agricultural sector from every angle. The need for professionals in the agricultural industry continues to increase. If you want to add value to such a valuable department, then the Agriculture department is for you.

Yozgat Bozok University is waiting for you on your career journey that you will start in the field of agriculture!

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