Turkish education system; It is an education system that develops day by day and implements modern education methods and provides education at world standards. University life in Turkey begins after 12 years of compulsory education. University programs; It is divided into two groups as associate degree and undergraduate. For students who have completed their associate degree education, the chance of undergraduate education is offered, for students who have completed their undergraduate education, the chance of graduate and doctoral education is offered. Mutual student exchanges are made for university students who provide world-class education with student exchange programs. In addition, when annual statistics are evaluated, foreign students from Arab and European countries such as Iran, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco come to Turkey to benefit from the modern and advanced education system. While associate degree education lasts for 2 years, students are given direct theoretical and practical training together. Theoretical training dominates in bachelor's level education and in the last year, practical training is intensified and students are prepared for the sector by academicians. Students who want to study in Turkey can now focus on a real adventure and a quality education! We offer you three universities where you will receive education in a quality and modern environment; Karabuk University, Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences. With the number of tourists increasing day by day, the interest of students to study at these universities in Turkey is increasing rapidly. Turkey is an excellent source of motivation for students with its unique location, architecture and fascinating influences, as well as the influences of European and Arab countries. Many programs teach 100 percent or 30 percent English, which is a great advantage for students, but the most popular fields of study are:
-Travel, Tourism, Accommodation
-Associate Degree Programs.
For the departments that provide education in Turkish, students are provided with 1 year of preparatory education. Every foreign student who has completed their high school education is expected to take the Foreign Student Examination (YOS) exam in order to fulfill their wishes. Foreign students who take the foreign student exam and get sufficient points can enroll in the department of their dreams, which corresponds to the equivalence of their scores. Choose the university you want to study at Bilecik Şeyh Edebali, Karabük University, Sakarya Applied Sciences Universities that are suitable for you and take the first step in the journey to your dreams by participating in the Foreign Student Exam organized!
If you are interested in Associate, Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs, the programs in Turkey will meet your expectations. Türkiye; It is safely preferred by students from Arab, Middle Eastern, European, African countries and many other countries, with its increasing success in the education system and the successful changes it has made with each passing day.
Turkey has hosted many students from all over the world for years with its multicultural society, democratic and free thought understanding, historical and natural beauties, climate and social opportunities. If you want to be the student who realizes his dreams this year, we are with you!


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