Computer Programming Associate Degree

Computer Programming Associate Degree


Are you planning a career in computer programming? You will start your career journey with the basic skills you will develop with your associate degree and the step you will take in the technology sector. The computer technologies department at Yozgat Bozok University includes two programs: computer aided design and animation, computer programming. Both programs are computer based.


During the two-year education period, students complete their education by taking part in projects and making applications in informatics laboratories. Students who graduate from this department are trained as individuals with analytical, problem solving, technical skills, practical and researcher identity.


In the digitalized world, written and oral expression has now moved to the computer world. From communication channels to series, effects, computer games, many things are carried out by graduates of computer-aided design and animation departments. After graduation, students speak to their talents in the fields of design, media and social media. With the expert staff of Yozgat Bozok University, you will be proud of both your university and yourself for their contribution to your design and informatics skills by meeting your expectations.


Working on artistic products requires courage, perseverance and passion. Animation department is a craft work where stories are told in the virtual world through moving images. In the first year at Yozgat Bozok University, the foundations of your visual and artistic development are laid. By looking at the pictures, you are expected to broaden your ideas about them and work on expanding your perspective. The main purpose for two years is to bring qualified people to the universal world. If your artistic side is prone to the virtual world, namely the computer, this is an incredible opportunity for you to plan your career!


For students who are considering the job they will do after graduating from the computer aided design and animation department; they have job opportunities in animation, graphic design, advertising content preparation, television, film, game, animation companies. The computer world continues to develop all over the world with each passing day. In the developing technology, the advertising needs of companies and the need for qualified personnel for the audience that carries the real world to the computer world continue to increase. You can be the sought-after employee!


Students who will choose the computer programming program should be ready to shape the technology world. The world of technology plays vital roles in guiding the world today. Computer programming graduates can easily find positions in technology companies and software companies. Since the world of technology shapes today's world, it plays vital roles for the whole world in today's conditions. Students gain the title of computer programmer at the end of 2 years of education. Computer programmers who want to continue their career in academia can take undergraduate, graduate or doctoral education to move to the next level. Students who graduate from computer departments start to work with high salaries. Computer programming is a wide field, there are many fields such as computer support, web developer, data science, graphic designer. Students can continue to improve themselves in one of these fields they choose. Information technology is among the top 10 jobs in the world. In the education you will receive with Yozgat Bozok University, you will see the interaction of computer programming with the world.


If you want to complete your education in a short time and make your name known in the business world, if you want to contribute to the developing and changing world, if you dream of high salaries, if you want to complete your education in a city of trust and peace and graduate with an international education, Yozgat Bozok University Computer Technologies Department is waiting for you!

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