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The Management and Organization Department's Business Management Program aims to bring qualified students to business life by educating them. The most important goal for the business world in the 21st century is to train qualified personnel who provide quality service to the country and the world with a quality education and to bring them into the business world. The aim of Yozgat Bozok University is to train new generation business managers. Our mission is to enable our students to achieve their dreams in a rapidly developing world that is open to continuous learning, with advanced analytical thinking, and to mediate the business world to gain qualified students.

In order to train personnel with qualified manpower, the two-year education should meet the needs of national and international businesses, for this it is very important to communicate directly with academicians and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Yozgat Bozok University students can easily communicate with academics and benefit from their knowledge and experience. At the end of the two-year associate degree, students graduate as qualified entrepreneurs. They are candidates to become the managers of the future by gaining competence in the field of finance, having the ability to solve problems, developing analytical thinking skills, quick thinking and decision-making, leadership qualities, knowledge on marketing and sales.

When the business world is evaluated for students who will choose business management, there is a wide range of job selection options as intermediate staff in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, banking, insurance, public relations and human resources in private and government enterprises. In the success of businesses, the control of business operations must be carried out successfully, for this the need for business management students is high. If you want to take part in this management and ensure success, this department is for you… If you have a dream of being an entrepreneur and being a leader, you can turn your dream into reality with Yozgat Bozok University. Yozgat Bozok University; It is waiting for its students to train students who have leadership skills, who are interested in economics and administrative issues, who are responsible, and who have the ability to quickly overcome problems.

In the first year of the two-year education process, students are taught the functions and structure of the business, and in the second year, information about management issues. When business management salaries are evaluated, it is inevitable to earn a high salary according to seniority as you progress in the preferred field, although it varies according to the sector and position. Business management is the field that is most needed for the progress of business with order and organization. Companies are of great importance in the world for our survival and the jobs we need, and they are increasing in number. The need for business management personnel is increasing with the labor market. If it is your dream to take part in this administration, Yozgat Bozok University makes your dreams come true!

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