1- What is the Education Language of Turkish State Universities?
 Answer: mostly university education language is Turkish. However, 
some departments of some universities are in English. 
For this, you can contact ALS University Placement Service (info@alsgroup.net)


2- I don't speak Turkish, what should I do?

Answer: Students who do not speak Turkish take Turkish preparatory education in the first year after they are placed in the department at the University. Turkish Education duration takes between 7-10 months depending on the intensity of the course program.

or  you can learn turkish in ISTANBUL at ALS School  https://www.alsgroup.net/Sayfalar/Kurslar/71 


3- What are the prices of State Universities?

Answer: Pricing at public universities can vary, but the average is  500-800 $. The price for a 2-year Master's degree is  750 $ (7.200 TL), and the average for a 4-year PhD fee is 1500 $ (14,400 TL). You can find the price information requested for each university from the link below. Follow the prices on the current dollar rate.

Bilecik Sheikh Edabali University
 Bozok University
 Karabuk University



                      RESIDENCE & HEALTH INSURANCE
 4- I came as a student  How do I get  Student Residency ? 

within 30 days after arriving in Turkey you need to apply for residency . The duration of visa-free stay in Turkey differs from country to country, for example, FAS citizens can have a visa for up to 90 days, so they can apply for residency within 90 days.

Don't Worry, We help you & Follow up here https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/, students can apply very easily via this link. The site serves in Turkish, English-Arabic-Russian. First time applicants here should click here


Students can get help from ALS counselors by email 
(info@alsgroup.net) where they hang out. 
As ALS,  we provide our students with 
the necessary assistance in terms of residence.


You can also follow  RESIDENCY APPLICATION PROCESS  from this link step by step 





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