Journey from Automotive Technology to Automotive Engineering!

Associate Degree Automotive Technology, Bachelor's  Degree Automotive Engineering
Automotive technologies play a central role for the future of the industry. The automotive technology program is a field that will allow you to specialize directly in a rapidly changing and evolving industry. Automotive engineering is a department that trains specialists focused on the design, construction and manufacture of various automotive assemblies and components. Students who pass the automotive technology education learn about engine construction, combustion and ignition systems, power transmission, brake, transmission, electronics and diagnostic equipment.

In Turkey, the Automotive Technology Department is located at Karabük University and Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University. You can study at Karabük University, Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University for 2 years, and when you graduate, you can graduate with the title of "automotive technician". When you choose the Department of Automotive Engineering at Karabuk University, you receive 30% English education for 4 years and graduate with the title of "automotive engineer". Courses in Turkey are taught in integration with the industry. In this way, students also have the ability to directly solve the problems they encounter in the industry. Students who wish can graduate from Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University and Karabük University by learning technical information about automotive in 2 years. Students who want to graduate in 4 years by learning technical and practical knowledge together can graduate from Karabuk University. When you graduate in an automotive industry; You can develop your practical aspects by using your theoretical and analytical skills extensively. For example, you will learn how to collect and analyze data on vehicle handling, terrain dynamics, noise measurement, braking performance, driving in wet weather at test sites. Thus, you will combine the theoretical knowledge you have learned with practice.

Imagine yourself working as a part of a team while designing the vehicle of the future, thanks to Karabük and Bilecik Seyh Edebali Universities, you will have many opportunities to improve these skills and you will have the necessary knowledge and technical skills to be successful.

Today, the modern automotive industry is faced with a variety of challenges, and finding solutions to these problems requires students to receive high-quality education. Automotive engineering offers an exciting field of study, the entire industry is going through a major change right now. In today's world, with the emergence of innovations such as flying – driverless vehicles, new generation cars are being developed, this situation looks bright in the future for those who choose the automotive industry section.

Candidates who graduated from automotive departments; They find career opportunities as automotive production engineers, automotive technical co-operatives, automotive designers or quality assurance managers. Students studying automotive technology always have job security because all vehicles need repairs throughout their driving life.
Although you think that you can do business without a degree in automotive technology, the automotive industry is getting more complex day by day. When the employment statistics are evaluated, employers prefer automotive technicians and engineers. You too can guarantee your chance to get a job with a competitive salary today. Take the first step for your automotive career in Turkey today and get the opportunity to work in the world. As automotive engineers, you can design new vehicles, create new technologies in the industry, engage in the design, manufacture, software, distribution, marketing, sales and after-sales maintenance of motorcycles and other vehicles, including race cars.
What are the Automotive Engineering Department Courses?
Prospective students studying automotive engineering at the university; technical drawing, computer aided drawing, thermodynamics, automotive engineering principles, vehicle technology, strength, manufacturing processes, engine dynamics, machine elements, internal combustion engine, engine and vehicle performance testing, oils and lubrication systems, microcomputer and lubrication systems, automotive supply industry, They will be responsible for driving techniques, traffic accident and analysis, vehicle aerodynamics, engine technologies and many supports.
Candidates who want to advance in automotive technology; vehicle technology, computer, electricity, hydraulics, quality systems, robotic application courses and many courses in two years.
Where Can You Work?
When you graduate as an automotive engineer; You can work in many areas such as vehicle manufacturing companies, tire manufacturers, specialist vehicle design laboratories, motor sports teams, oil and fuel companies, and the defense industry.
When you graduate with the title of automotive technician; You can work in vehicle production and sales stages, automotive painting, automotive repair and damage inspection, work in vehicle paint preparation, production process, vehicle repair and insurance companies.
Erasmus Opportunity
There is also an Erasmus opportunity for students who want to study in a country other than Turkey. During your education life, you can both continue your education in Turkey and get a great opportunity by doing Erasmus in another country and getting to know the cultures of two different countries. In this way, you can expand your vision and contribute to your academic and professional skills. The most popular Erasmus country ranking preferred by students with the Erasmus exchange program:
Czech Republic

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