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If you are studying or planning to study in Istanbul, it means you will not be able to live a student life. Compared to students studying in smaller cities and schools with campuses, students studying in Istanbul have to adapt to difficult conditions rather than being students due to the city's fast pace, crowds and high cost of living. Istanbul, which receives the most immigration and whose population grows the fastest, is a difficult city to live in for students, whose problems increase day by day. For the students who decided to study in Istanbul after being deceived by its natural beauties, we must say that everywhere you look there is an ugly construction, the natural beauties are decreasing day by day, and the sea is getting more and more polluted day by day in a way that makes people uneasy. Moreover, it is crowded... Although it has different historical and natural beauties, it has negative, life-consuming things at least as much as these positive features, perhaps even more. You won't see many people smiling for no reason or wearing a plain expression in Istanbul. Everyone grumbles about something; He is unhappy and complaining.
If you are a student, you will not have a day without doing calculations. There are more than two hundred universities and more than eight million university students in Turkey. There are 61 Universities in Istanbul. When the data is evaluated, in the city where there are more than 1 million students, more than 600 thousand students come from outside the city. Considering the capacity of the dormitories in the city, around 100 thousand students can accommodate and the remaining students face accommodation problems. You may be one of the students experiencing this problem. If you have a solution in mind, such as renting a house, you should not forget that house rents continue to increase by over a hundred percent. Along with the housing problem, nutrition is also a problem; the cost of food is quite high. With costs so high, students are forced to work part-time. Thus, they cannot live a student life, the overall success of students decreases due to work, and they cannot pursue an academic career by spending longer periods of time in school. Even if you are fascinated by social life, you should not forget that you are changing countries to achieve academic success in your career. You can finish your university life by getting caught up in the entertainment and social life in a city like Istanbul. In big cities, sufficient security measures are not taken and this poses a big problem for students. 
In summary; You spend most of your student life in traffic, when you raise your head, you see gray clouds in the sky instead of stars, the air is quite polluted due to the adult population, a significant portion of your money or scholarship goes to rent, there is almost no place that can be considered safe. The reason you're safe is because nothing has already happened to you or a business out there, you'll be stuck in a crowded so big it'll drive you crazy and you'll be late for a large number of classes.
For this reason, ALS even selects cities to place its students in the best universities. Our choice is for you to study at Karabük University.
Studentship in Karabük
Karabük University enables its students to have the best years of their lives with the numerous opportunities it offers to its students. Karabük, a student city, is a city you will love, from its geographical structure to its climate. Karabük, where you will not get lost in heavy traffic like Istanbul, is also very easy to connect to the surrounding cities. If you want to visit big cities on the weekend, you can easily visit them by road. Karabük University is within walking distance of everywhere due to the beautiful location of the campus. Another beauty of the small city is that Karabük is safe. The small size of the city has made Karabük safer. Life in the city continues safely. Police units frequently carry out inspections and controls. Students do not have accommodation problems in Karabük. You will also find a sufficient number of dormitories, residences, apartments and apartments for rent at affordable prices around the campus area, so you will never have to worry about being left out in the cold. Karabük University has affordable prices that cannot be compared to Istanbul. In addition, it has opportunities where you can receive accommodation services suitable for every budget. You won't get lost among people in the crowd of the city. The people of Karabük are very friendly and understanding, especially they are very helpful to students coming from outside. In short, it is very easy to live as a student in Karabük. Since it is not a very big city, everything is at your fingertips. Karabük is a student city where you can find whatever you are looking for.
Orange Canteen is one of the most popular places for students to hang out. Various events are held here. It is a lively place. In Karabük, there are many student-specific cafes and restaurants around Karabük University at affordable prices.
You will not suffer any of the suffering in Karabük that you may experience while studying in big cities. Be sure, you will have wonderful student years. We, as ALS, are confident on your behalf. Because we experienced the torment and boredom of studying in big cities by listening to our students.
In addition, Karabük University was ranked in the 1001 - 1200 band in the 2022 ranking of the world's best universities announced by Times Higher Education (THE). KBÜ ranked among the top 10 public universities in Turkey. We know how excited you are to study at a university with high academic success in such a beautiful city! You can get support from ALS Group for consultancy.





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