Why Biomedical Engineering is in the Top 40% of Careers for Career  Satisfaction



Medical engineering is at the heart of healthcare systems around the world. Students who take this training learn the relationships between health care and electricity, electronics and mechanics. Medical engineers work on clinical systems and the use of technology in diagnosis. Students who graduate from the department have the opportunity to pursue a career in various sectors. At the end of four years of education, they gain experience that will directly guide their careers and have an opportunity. Medical engineers are engineers who apply medical treatments that improve and save lives and apply engineering principles in the development of diagnostic technologies. Medical engineers receive practical training in addition to theoretical education during their 4-year education, and they do original studies on engineering problems. Medical engineering is a field that has existed for many years, it continues to develop itself and to sign new studies day by day. Medical engineers apply the innovation and engineering approach to medicine and health. Candidates who want to become a medical engineer are expected to achieve success in the technical foundations of engineering, basic sciences, computer programming, medicine and life sciences. People who graduate from the department of medical engineering have strong problem-solving and analytical aspects.
Medical engineers have many career opportunities and have many opportunities and career doors, developing in a field of specialization that is growing every day. They can provide employment in hospitals, laboratories, production sites and abroad in many areas. Medical engineers who will pursue a career in the management of medical equipment provide jobs in hospitals and clinics by controlling medical equipment. Engineers in development work on research, testing, developing new theories, and developing equipment. Engineers working on biomaterials study man-made materials. Medical engineers working on informatics; They play a critical role in developing new applications for bioengineers, doctors and patients. They develop imaging programs, medical and monitoring devices, diagnostics and digital models using machine learning, data management and artificial intelligence technologies. Medical engineers who will continue their careers in robotics are in a growing and developing field. They are using and producing robots that will speed up recovery for patients. Engineers who will serve as clinical engineers act as a bridge between laboratories and clinical applications. They contribute to the development of medical equipment by developing software in collaboration with doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals.
There is a medical engineering department in a limited number of universities in Turkey. Although the department at Karabuk University is a state university, its language is 30% English. The Department of Medical Engineering was first established in Turkey in 2013 at Karabuk UniversityMedical engineering is one of the occupational groups needed with the development of the health sector. All studies of integration of health sector and technology are carried out by graduates of medical engineers. Students who graduate from this department have job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, public and private hospitals, health institutions, companies producing medical imaging devices and production facilities in Turkey and abroad. Medical engineers around the world have been working on the development of devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases for many years. Karabük University has adopted the vision of closing the shortage of qualified engineers in the field of health technologies in our country and abroad. With its qualified academic staff, it is among its main goals to train knowledgeable, technological, innovative and contributing staff. If you want to be one of the world's leading engineers, Karabuk University Medical Engineering academicians are waiting for you to share their knowledge and experience.


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