Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production

Department of Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production / Radio and Television Programming Program


Visual, audio techniques and media production department started education within the scope of Radio and Television Programming in 2017 within the scope of Vocational School of Social Sciences at Yozgat Bozok University. The aim of the program is to train students who have developed a vision in the field of communication and gained the necessary knowledge and skills. The university, which has a professional staff, educates its students for 2 years with professional and academic knowledge compatible with the world curriculum. Curriculum updates are made with the changing world and technology, and students are developed in accordance with the changing technology.

Production; It deals with many fields including news, information, radio, television, internet and social media. Students studying audio-visual techniques and media production will have the necessary equipment to record, produce, present and organize content. Radio and television programming is the fastest growing and changing profession in today's world. With the expert staff of Yozgat Bozok University, it provides comprehensive training for two years in order to bring the students who want to compete with the media world both in Turkey and abroad, to the top. The world of communication continues to develop with technology day by day. For this reason, the students of the audio-visual techniques and media production department are educated not by simulation, but by producing by developing the horizon of the students in real environments. Apart from the course, students find opportunities for experience by being in the roles of reporters, editors, directors and producers, in environments where they can innovate in the media sector and have new careers by taking part in different projects.

Radio and television; It is the most important communication tool of today to inform the society, to convey the right information and to guide it. During the two-year education period, students get to know the radio - TV broadcasting technology, get acquainted with the recording devices and get used to the general studio environment. In addition to theoretical education, they have the opportunity to improve themselves in applied courses, so they start their careers as self-confident and experienced graduates by obtaining a technician diploma.

Students who complete the program can take part in all areas of the media, which is the most important field for today, with an associate degree diploma, and can also establish a business. They can find jobs as assistant director, production assistant, script and copywriter, reporter, cameraman, sound and light officer, in the national and local press sector, in the cinema field, in the communication sector, in the public and private radio and television fields. The media world is an area that is in demand all over the world. Graduating from the program gives you the opportunity to develop personally as well as a diploma. By staying in Turkey or by going abroad, they become successful in publishing by opening up to the outside world in new environments and communities, and they constantly improve themselves.

If you choose this program, it is a practical way to learn the necessary information used in the media industry. You can learn how to produce and make TV programs in a short time in a wide range of information. Yozgat Bozok University Radio and Television Programming Department aims to:

• Creating educational opportunities for careers in creative media production.

• To provide students with the knowledge and skills that are compatible with their career goals in a way that meets the needs of employers.

• To help students who are considering international careers by contributing to the creative thinking of students and gaining a global perspective.

The use of quality, effective, audio-visual equipment is very important for success in the media world. For the success of institutions, the education received from the academic staff is valuable in order to use sound and lighting equipment and to increase the visual and hearing awareness of the audience. We know that in today's world, competition is strong in both education and business world. For this, attending Yozgat Bozok University is an effective way to succeed!

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