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What Awaits You While Studying the Physiotherapy Department?


From tuition fees to entry requirements, from career steps to salaries, you will be able to learn the answer to everything about studying physiotherapy from ALS GROUP. Are you thinking of studying the physiotherapy department in Turkey, but do you have question marks in your mind? You will find the answers to all your questions in this article.

As with other departments, the physiotherapy department varies according to the level of education and the university you are applying to. Physiotherapy department is given for 4 years at Karabuk University and Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Yozgat Bozok University  which are among the best universities in Turkey. Kastamonu University provides education for 2 years.

Students who graduated from the physiotherapy department; works on the physical health, well-being and quality of life of patients. While physiotherapists provide treatment to improve the mobility of patients, physiotherapy is a special branch that helps to improve movement disorders. Physiotherapists, which are of great importance for patients, have knowledge in many areas. Physiotherapists work with patients regularly and determine the patient-specific method and create a treatment plan accordingly.

If you study physiotherapy at universities in Turkey, you can benefit from special scholarships and have a diploma that is valid in the world when you graduate. If you want to study health and make a positive impact on someone's health, if you enjoy helping others, physiotherapy may be the course you are looking for.

 Karabuk University, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Kastamonu University, which is one of the best universities in Turkey, gives you direct experience with its simulated patient program. While you earn the title of physiotherapy technician when you study physiotherapy for 2 years at Kastamonu University, you gain the title of physiotherapist if you receive 4 years of education at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences or Karabük University. In addition, you can pass from the 2-year physiotherapy department with the “YOS” exam, which you will take for 4 years in Turkey.

When you graduate from the physiotherapy department, due to your field; You will take part in all areas that require the elimination of skeletal system, muscle disorders, nervous system damage and related functional disorders. You will work directly by using the technology tha is developing day by day by creating personalized exercise programs and implementing plans to eliminate health problems. The pysiotherapy department, which focuses on the quality of lifee of the patients, deals with many diseases from lumbar hernia to paralysis, so phyiotherapists take action together with the doctor. 

Persons who will work as physiotherapy technicians are responsible for applying the program prepared by the doctors to their patients, and they also prepare the necessary tools and devices used during the treatment. Physiotherapy technicians work in coordination with specialist doctors and physiotherapy specialists to provide all kinds of support for patients.

You can work in health institutions, most importantly, with many job opportunities from the public to the private sector. Physiotherapists who will work in the private sector; They can work in private clinics, nursing homes, thermal springs, hotels for health tourism, and sports centers. In addition, they can take part in the elimination of physical health problems in a short time by supporting athletes. In addition, physiotherapy graduates can provide home health services. Physiotherapist salaries will vary depending on the institution you work for and your experience. But today, one of the fields with the highest employment rate in the world and in Turkey is the physiotherapy department.


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