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Sakarya province is the city of Turkey that stands out with its nature tourism with its fertile lands. Sakarya, one of the developing cities of the Marmara region, hosts Sakarya University of Applied Sciences. Sakarya city is one of the popular cities because it is close to Istanbul. You can maintain your sociality because it is very close to Istanbul. Sakarya city is a holiday destination known for its natural beauties. The biggest problem for students is transportation, but there is no such problem in Sakarya city. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences campus is located in a very beautiful location. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences is one of the institutions that provide the best education in Turkey, not only with its location or campus but also in terms of education quality. Since Sakarya has grown rapidly in recent years, students do not have any problems with dormitories or rental houses in the city, and there are accommodation options suitable for every budget. Although the city of Sakarya has a crowded population, it is a quiet city. For students who want to study in Turkey, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences is the most popular university in a city with many life advantages. When choosing a university, students should also research the city where the university is located. Sakarya is a city that can be preferred in many ways. Its facilities and facilities satisfy the students. When choosing a university, you should pay attention to the following, taking into account the city selection:
Life conditions
Climate conditions
Job opportunities
Transportation Conditions
University Location
Sakarya is one of the few cities that has all these features. The city of Sakarya, which has many opportunities for students who want to study in Turkey, continues to develop and is also preferred by students from abroad. The city is at a level that leaves many cities in the world behind in terms of development. While each city has its own unique living space, the city center of Sakarya is quite large and under the influence of nature. Sakarya is known as a hospital paradise in case of any health problem.
If we talk about the climate conditions of Sakarya, it has a mild climate. Students can enjoy every season without being affected by heat or cold.
Job opportunities are one of the biggest reasons for immigration to the city of Sakarya. It is not possible for students and people to live in a city with no job opportunities. Sakarya is a very good city for students in terms of employment. It is impossible to experience a job shortage in the city, which develops in many areas from agriculture to industry.
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences was established in 2018 by separating from Sakarya University. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences aims to raise qualified students with constantly improving academicians who have improved themselves academically. In this sense, he encourages his students to say 'Not without getting on the field!' By motivating them in the form of, it supports them to improve themselves both theoretically and practically under the roof of vocational schools, postgraduate education institutes, faculties and colleges. It also offers its students the opportunity to work part-time or intern full-time during the education period, which will bring them to a sufficient level for the profession. Sakarya Faculty of Applied Sciences departments provide education with 6 faculties, 1 college and 12 vocational schools.
Which Faculties Are There at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences?
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences has many faculties that provide four-year education, called undergraduate departments. Among these faculties, the most preferred ones recently are Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences and Sakarya University Faculty of Technology. The departments at the university are listed under the headings of the faculties they are affiliated with.
Faculty of Agriculture
- Department of Horticulture
- Department of Field Crops
- Plant Protection Department
- Department of Landscape Architecture
Sports Science Faculty
- Sports Management
- Physical Education and Sports Teaching
- Coaching Training
- Recreation
- Physical Education and Sports Teaching
Faculty of Applied Units
- International Trade and Finance
- International trade and logistics
Tourism Faculty
- Tourism management
- Recreation Management
- Gastronomy and culinary arts
- Tourism Guidance
Faculty of Health Sciences
- Department of Health Management
- Department of Nursing
- Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Faculty of Technology
- Mechanical engineering department
- Basic Sciences of Engineering
- Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Department of Computer Engineering
- Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
- Department of Mechatronics Engineering
- Civil engineering Department
What are the Associate Degree Departments at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences?
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences 2-year associate degree departments have shorter education periods than undergraduate departments. It is an opportunity for student candidates who want to start a career after a short university life. There are two different types: vocational schools and colleges. 2-year departments and college departments are listed below.
Sapanca Vocational School
- Marketing and Advertising Department
- Accounting and Tax Department
- Foreign trade Department
- Park and Garden Plants
- Finance-Banking and Insurance Department
Hendek Vocational School
- Materials and Metal Technologies
- Design
- Electronics and Automation
- Building
- Accounting and tax practices
- Computer Technologies
- Management and organization
- Machinery and Metal Technologies
- Electricity and Energy
Maritime Vocational School
- Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies
- Property Protection and Security Division
Arifiye Vocational School
- Property Protection and Security Division
- Department of Machinery and Metal Technologies
- Electronics and Automation Department
- Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies
- Department of Electricity and Energy
Karasu Vocational School
- Accounting and tax practices
- Welding Technology
- Tourism and hotel Management
- Multidimensional Modeling and Animation Program
- Machine Technology
- Computer programming
Geyve Vocational School
- Property Management
- Foreign trade
- Accounting and tax practices
- Banking and Insurance
- Business Administration
- Human Resources Management
- Finance Program
- Public Relations and Promotion
- Architectural restoration
Sapanca Tourism Vocational School
- Tourism Animation Program
- Tourism and Hotel Management Program
- Cooking Program
- Tourism and Travel Services
Kaynarca S.S. Vocational School
- Computer Aided Design and Animation
- Finance
- Business Administration
- Computer programming
Sakarya Vocational School
- Machine
- Office management and executive assistance
- Construction Technology
- Natural Gas and Installation Technology
- Industrial Molding
- Electrical Program
- Environmental Protection and Control
- Printing and Publishing Technology
- Public Relations and Promotion
- Logistics
- Electronic Technology
- Business Administration
Pamukova Vocational School
- Laboratory and Veterinary Health
- Food Technology
- Foreign trade
- Business Administration
- Laboratory Technology
- Food Quality Control and Analysis
- Pharmacy Services
- Landscape and Ornamental Plants Cultivation
Akyazı Health Services Vocational School
- Health Tourism Management
- Physiotherapy
- Medical Laboratory Techniques
- Management of Health Institutions
- First and Emergency Aid
Ferizli Vocational School
- Textile Technology
- Fashion design
- Business Administration
- Fashion Management
- Occupational health and Safety
- Graphic design
What are the Master's Degree Departments at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences?
Sakarya University of Applied Sciences also offers postgraduate education. Graduates who choose to pursue an academic career start their master's degree after their undergraduate education. Students can continue their postgraduate education at their own university or have the opportunity to do so at different universities. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences offers thesis and non-thesis master's degree education as well as an evening education master's program. The following list of master's programs is given:
Graduate School of Education
- Coaching Education Master's Program
- Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Master's Program
- Physical education and Sports Teaching Master's Program
- Tourism Guidance Master's Program
- Biomedical Engineering Master's Program
- Tourism Management Master's Program
- Electrical-Electronics Engineering Master's Program
- Sports Management Master's Program
- Civil Engineering Master's Program
- Recreation Master's Program
- Manufacturing Engineering Master's Program
- Automotive Engineering Master's Program
- Mechanical Engineering Master's Program
- Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Master's Program
- Mechatronics Engineering Master's Program
- Automotive Engineering Master's Program (Without Thesis)
- Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Master's Program (Evening Education)
- Tourism Management Master's Program (Evening Education)
- Physical Education and Sports Education Master's Program (Evening Education)
What are the Application Requirements for Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Foreign Students?
Some conditions are required for foreign students who want to study at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences. First of all, it is important to apply within the application dates. At the same time, students are required to take various exams. Some of these exams are GCE, AL and YÖS. Application conditions and exams may vary depending on the country where the foreign student candidate resides. Foreign students can choose many faculties such as Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Tourism. If you would like to receive more detailed consultancy service, you can contact ALS.


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