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   Dear Friends, Our company has been growing every year since 2010. The most important thing for the international development of a company is to have a solid team.


 We determine flexible working conditions according to the ever-evolving conditions and living conditions. In 2023, we attach importance to the work of teams from the markets of MOROCCO, ALGERIA, Tunisia and Egypt. But it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of remote work

• better work-life balance

• High productivity

• timeliness

• Reduced absenteeism and decreased turnover

• Cost savings

• Flexibility

Disadvantages of remote work

• . Distractions at home

• Isolation

• Loss of work-life balance

• Need increased for meetings

• Cybersecurity concerns

• Difficulty maintaining confidentiality

• Unstable/inconsistent internet access

• Inconvenient for new hires


 Considering all these advantages and disadvantages, we offer you working conditions. If you work with ALS, you can dig more peacefully and more. Share the risk with ALS REMOTE employees. It is 180 hours of monthly work that the team has to do per month. It makes a salary payment to the person who finds at least 1 student in a long period of 180 hours. The system is based on sharing the risk and earning more.

Only those who can take risks can earn more. Below is our sample contract. After carefully reading this contract, you think positively, you can contact us by emailing us at,or  our Whatsapp contact line + 90 542 258 86 22


How the Process Works:

1. First of all, we have an online meeting

2. After that, your 3-day, 24-hour training process begins.

3. Successful ones are contracted and you start work

Our sample contract:


indefinite-term employment contract


An "INDETERMINED TERM EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT" has been made between the employer and the employee, whose names (title) and addresses are written below, entirely of their own free will and under the specified conditions. The parties will hereinafter be referred to as "employer" and "employee".




Name of company: ALS ltd

  EMPLOYER : Hasan Alperen Bulut

      Address : Söğütlüçeşme cad 74-70 Kadıkoy-Istanbul-Turkey


   Tax Office and Number : 0580160735

   Tel/Fax No : 0850 800 1426




   Name and surname                                    :

   ID  number                                     :

   Father name                                  :

   Residence address : 

   Tel/Fax No : 



   2. WORKER'S PLACE OF WORK: The places to be indicated by the employer or  representative in different workplaces. Applicants from outside Türkiye can work on REMOTE   as  SALES & MARKETING MANAGER


   3. WORK TO BE DONE: .Promoting education in Turkey, counseling students, organization, work to be given by ALS.








6. TRIAL PERIOD: it can be extended further. The parties may terminate the employment contract without notice and compensation within this period.


7. WORKING TIMES: Weekly working time is maximum 40 hours. This period is the week's work

It is applied by dividing the days equally. Break times are determined by the employer.  10.00 – 19.00   One Hour Break

Days not working are deducted from the salary and are not compensated later

The worker accepts the working forms and conditions specified in this article in advance.



8. COMPENSATION WORK: In cases where the work is stopped due to compulsory reasons, the workplace is suspended before or after national holidays and general holidays, or the work is worked significantly below the normal working hours for similar reasons or the work is completely stopped or the employee is given leave upon request, the employer shall compensatory work can be done in return for the deadlines.

9. Training Process: There will be a 24-hour training process, successful ones are accepted into the system.


10. WAGE: The monthly NET wage of the worker is 800 USD ( eight hundred) REMOTELY WORKING (ONLINE ) , 1200$ OFFICE Working .and a commission of %10   is paid for each student who enrolls in the program.  In order for a salary to be paid, at least 1 student must be registered and paid every month. If only one student is found per month, no commission is paid.


(You will work 160 hours in total per month and you will be given an average of 30 Leads per day and an average of 600 Leads per month. To receive your salary, at least one studaent must have taken and paid for it.)

11. Reels: You must do at least 1 reels per week to be known on your own Social media, ALS Reels posts the contents of their topics. This will bring you more customers




12. WAGE PAYMENT TIME: The worker's wage is paid once a month. In cases where the employee works incompletely, or if he violates the rules in the following items, he will be deducted from his salary




13.1 The worker undertakes not to work in another job, even if it is private, as long as the employment contract continues.


13.2 The worker undertakes to keep all kinds of business secrets belonging to the employer and the workplace and not to act in a way that will harm the employer.


13.3. The worker undertakes not to come to the workplace with the purchase of alcoholic beverages or drugs, not to use these substances in the workplace, not to introduce the goods and substances not related to his work, and the prohibited substances to be transported or used in the workplace.


13.4 At the termination of the employment contract, the worker undertakes to deliver all kinds of fixtures delivered to him in full and to compensate for any damages caused by his own intent or fault.

13.5 In the termination of the contract by the employer; Disputes that may arise as to why no reason is given in the termination notice or that the reason shown is not valid will be brought to the Mediator within one month.


14    Commission rates for each academic year 2023-2024

Commission rates for each academic year 2023-2024

Comission Rates

1-10 Students

10 %

11-15 Students

11 %

16- 20 Students

12 %

21- 25 Students

13 %

26-30 Students

14 %

31- 35 Students


36-40 Students


41-45 Students


46-50 Students


51- 55 Students


56-60 and over




EXTRA for every 56 student placements, We will pay extra 5000 USD Comission (For only bachelor students) for MASTER or PHD We pay 3000 USD, for 2 years associated degree we pay 3000 USD,

( This rule applies to students you find yourself, it DOES NOT cover students you find from agents and sub-agents , or influencer etc

However, up to 30% of the results of influencers, staff or sub-influencers working under you are included in this targeting. (i.e. you will find 70% of the student yourself,)





The Educational Counselor, who is the first of the month 3 times in a row,

receives a 100 USD Motivation award, (For this, the total student registration

must be at least 15 within 3 months)


(M2)SPEED BONUS: For those who register at least 30 students in a month, EXTRA 300 usd HOME RENTAL SUPPORT for that month (including all undergraduate, associate degree, master & phd)

16.Agency Comission

% 3 Paid from Agency Students


17. Comission of  INFLUENCER/ Sub-Free Lancers/ Bac Center’s  ets Students

 % 7.5 Paid from İNFLUENCER/ Sub-Free Lancers/ Bac Center’s Students

10% of the profit earned by the third parties to the second person is paid to the first

In order to receive a commission from a person below you, you must have at least 1 student of your own that month,


In order to receive commission from the 2nd person below you, you must have at least 2 students that month.

In order to receive a commission from the 3rd person below you, you must have at least 3 students that month,

in order to receive a commission from the 4th person below you, you must have at least four students that month,

in order to receive a commission from the 5th person below you, you must have at least 5 students that month

in order to receive a commission from the 6th person below you, you must have at least 6 students that month

In order to receive commission from the 7th person below you, you must have at least 7 students that month.



18 .                            PENALTIES

 P1 -Those who do not come to the office without permission will be deducted from their salary for 3 days, including that day. (good luck)


P2 - There is a disease such as not answering the phones, 200 TL is deducted from the
 salary of those who do not call back within 30 minutes when we call.

P3- The habit of not being on time for work in the morning, A person who arrives late in
the morning will be 1.5 times late from work.

P4- Those who do not comply with the daily or weekly assignments (task) will
 be deducted from his 1% commission for an assignment.

P5- Those who do not perform their duty 2 times in a month receive a warning and are deducted from 2% commission, 3% is deducted from the commission of the personnel who do not perform their 3 duties within a month, and 5% is deducted from their salary. 4% is deducted from the commission and 10% is deducted from the salary of the personnel who do not perform their duties 4 times in a month. 5% is deducted from the salary of the personnel who do not perform their duties 5 times in a month, and 15% is deducted from their salary.


P6- Commission payments are not made to the employee who leaves

the job without informing, and the employee must notify at least 3 months before leaving.



18.New commissions and penalties can be added to the deal if needed





This indefinite-term employment contract, consisting of two pages, is drawn up in two copies by the parties on 01/06/2023 and read and signed by the parties, the employer grants the employee a job and wages, and the employee works with the conditions specified. They have mutually accepted, declared and committed to see







Hasan Alperen Bulut



    Name and surname:




Call Center

+90 850 800 14 26