The Road to Dentistry

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The Road to Dentistry

Want to be the number one healthcare professional when it comes to oral health? If you have such a dream, you are in the right place; Maintaining oral hygiene, preventing gum diseases and architecture of a healthy glowing smile can be a great opportunity for your career as a dentist. The demand for dentists is increasing. There is a 5-year undergraduate education for students who want to become a dentist in Turkey. During the 5-year education, students take anatomy, physiology, biology, pharmacology courses both theoretically and practically. In practical training, you gain medical history taking, dental examination, orthodontics and anesthesia practice. You earn the title of "dentist" when you graduate.

  • All people's teeth always perform the same function, so you can find employment anywhere in the world.
  • As young dentists, you can work in your own clinic or in hospital and community dentistry services.
  • You gain experience by practicing at least one year in the dentistry department and you can become a successful physician.

With the expert staff of Karabük University, one of the leading universities in Turkey, you can gain clinical experience, gain clinical experience and lead the future of your career by interacting with patients and their relatives. Imagine being a dentist, you make millions of people smile happily every year. You can make a living by making extraordinary salaries while making people happy. You can be part of a fast-paced and exciting society where scientific technology is rapidly evolving. In addition, the dentistry department has many specialties: you can gain expertise in orthodotist, pediatrics, cosmetology, aesthetics, endodontist and many more.

After graduation, you can develop yourself as a medical lecturer, clinical academician, medical researcher, laboratory assistant, in addition to your dentistry. In addition, the dentistry education you will receive in Turkey offers many opportunities for foreign students. The easiest and cheapest way to get an acceptance letter at Karabük University is to take the YÖS exam.

While it is difficult for many students who want to fulfill their dream of Dentistry to gain acceptance in their home country, Turkey is a good option for students to make their dreams come true. Karabük University are among the best options to meet the power of high quality education and the need for qualified dentists all over the world. While these universities provide pre-clinical education for the first two years, clinical education starts from the third year of education and the students are given the opportunity to practice in the last year. While the students of the faculty of dentistry all over the world pay for their materials themselves, in Turkey, students can have the materials with low fees or get them for free.

Although it is impossible for you to study dentistry in your own country, Turkey is a great opportunity for you. You can be the best dentist in your field with international education quality and the best professors in their field. As ALS Group, we support you on your journey to becoming a dentist, getting your acceptance letter and all processes.



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