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Should You Study Civil Aviation?
How about being a part of a huge international industry with more than 4.5 billion passengers? An extraordinary growth continues in Turkey, as in most regions of the world. With this growth, civil aviation departments at universities are also developing day by day and their demand is increasing.
Since 1992, Kastamonu University Civil Aviation School has become one of the best universities in Turkey with intensive studies and also provides education in accordance with world standards. Looking at recent years, as a result of investments, which is an extraordinary development step for aviation, Turkey is in a central position at the point of aviation connecting Europe and Asia. When you think about all these, Türkiye is a great advantage for you when you go abroad to study. In particular, Kastamonu University, the locomotive of the global economy, is dynamic, competitive, open to changes, expensive and comprehensive investments and makes great investments for the students in this department in order to provide effective flight service. For this, do not forget that Kastamonu University, where you will be educated, equipped, researcher, open to innovations and visionary, is a great advantage for you.
When you graduate from Kastamonu University Civil Aviation Department, you can successfully take your place in domestic and foreign companies in the aviation sector by having foreign language and basic aviation knowledge.
Students graduating from this department can take part in many departments of aircraft services such as aircraft and helicopters, which are used for passenger and cargo transportation, from the general directorate of airline companies to domestic and international airline companies. They can work in many areas such as operations officer, load mater, aircraft coordination officer, passenger service officer, cargo officer crew, management of aviation enterprises, aircraft design and production, air traffic management, aircraft performance, aviation safety.
With the civil aviation diploma you will have from Kastamonu University, you will be prepared for many careers and seize opportunities around the world. Studying civil aviation abroad means access to the best program in the world. Provided that it is 4 years in total, a basic education is taken in the first two years, and in the following years, it is passed through the process of preparation for the profession. Civil aviation education at Kastamonu University is given at airports and using high-tech simulators. In addition, you can learn theoretical lessons from few academicians, through seminars, trainings and personal study process.
Kastamonu University is waiting for you if you want to pursue a career in a huge sector that is growing day by day and if you want to do it in one of the best universities.


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