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Students who want to study abroad are lucky, they grow up with a rich culture and knowledge by gaining a new perspective in a new cultural geography, and when they graduate, they take their place in the world they want. Here is a great education opportunity in Turkey for those who want to be designers!

In today's conditions, visuality has developed with technology and the need for designers has increased. For this, Yozgat Bozok University Department of Design is a great opportunity to train designers who have theoretical and practical knowledge of design and have national and international design knowledge!

Yozgat Bozok University Department of Design; It is divided into two as graphic design program and interior design program. The education lasts for two years as an associate degree. Students take practical lessons in workshops and laboratories to put their theoretical education into practice.

The graphic design department is to visualize products and services so that they can be directly marketed and presented, students receive training on it. The aim of the department is to provide students with competence in visual design. Graphic design; In the field of advertising, it takes part in all areas of service sectors in the process of communicating effectively with the customer. When customers apply to designers, they gather information on the subject that needs to be designed, do research, and create appropriate visual content by combining their knowledge and practical training. The goal is to set up an effective link between the customer and the product and to be able to market the product. Students who graduate from the department receive the title of graphic designer and graphic designer and become professional.

If you say that I have a high imagination, I can use the computer well, my communication is effective, I have design skills and presentation skills, this section is for you! Students who graduate from Graphic Design can directly take part in different projects in many sectors. Graphic designers are responsible for the design of projects such as posters, logos, books, magazines and packaging. Graphic designers, who have a very wide working area, have the opportunity to work as a freelance by establishing their own businesses.

Why Should We Study Design?

Many things around us are visual and based on design. The heroes behind this design are the designers. Designs are a way of communication that even people who do not speak the same language can understand, for this the profession of design is very valuable. Since design is used in every sector, it is very easy to find a job, students can go abroad and open their career doors easily. I have creative ideas, and students who want to pour my ideas into design should read the design department.

Students studying interior design make the design and arrangement of the interior of the houses by using art, technology and drawing techniques.

Yozgat Bozok University Design Department is for you if you want to take part in the design department that is fun and necessary for every field!

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