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Study in Master Econometrics in Kutahya State University
What are the Working Areas of the Department of Econometrics?
Graduates' fields of study are; economics, monetary policies of the state and world countries, commercial statistics, etc. 
What are the Job Opportunities and Opportunities of the Department of Econometrics? Where can they find a job and work?
Graduates can benefit from these job opportunities in institutions and organizations affiliated to the relevant ministry of the state, economic and financial companies, statistical institutions and similar places. They can be employed in public institutions, research and development (R&D), planning and budget departments, market research and market research companies in public and private organizations operating in various fields such as insurance, banking and capital markets.
What is required to study econometrics?
Students who want to be successful in this department are expected to be people who follow the economy and the agenda, are successful in mathematics and statistics, and have developed interpretation skills.
What is the Purpose of the Department of Econometrics?
Econometrics is a department that aims to train experts who will take part in making sense of the data that will emerge by applying statistical methods to economic data and relationships.
Language of Intruction: ENGLISH
Tuition Fees:   3500 TL per semester
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