Seed Technology Program Plant and Animal Production Department

Seed Technology Program

Plant and Animal Production Department



Students who have an associate degree from the department of plant and animal production have a diploma in the field of seed technology. During the education, students are prepared for the business world by learning seed analysis comprehensively and gaining scientific understanding with a general perspective. They graduate as students who prepare the future of agriculture with their associate degree diploma and gain the necessary knowledge and skills.


The biggest problem in the world is the need for food. The most important point for countries to prevent food problems is to grow their own seeds. With the increase in the need for food, the demand for the seed sector is increasing day by day. Raising students who are disciplined in the seed sector and who have knowledge and equipment in the field of seed growing provides great gains to the countries.


Seed technology division is a division established to meet the need for personnel with the increasing demand for the seed market, plant and animal foods in the world. In this department, which was also established at Yozgat Bozok University; It aims to train students as qualified people who serve the agriculture and livestock sector all over the world in parallel with scientific developments by using their basic knowledge and skills. Students who take their place in the plant and animal production department; they have all the necessary information about seed breeding, seed production, reproduction, processing and marketing. This program is an associate degree program and at the end of 2 years of education, students gain the title of technician.


Graduates who are seed technology technicians produce, breed, market and store various plant seeds. They have the opportunity to work together with agricultural engineers and organize joint work. While taking part in the public or private sector, they are required in every work of the agriculture and livestock sector, with the increasing food need in the world.


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