2 Year Associate Degree Computer Prog. Job oppurtunities

Especially in Turkey, it is a very demanded sector in the industry, 2-year graduates are very needed for companies.

In recent years, in parallel with the rapid developments in the information sector, the use of computer technology in business and daily life has been increasing rapidly. In this context, Computer Programming is one of the most popular fields of study in the IT industry. In the program, it is to train intermediate staff who will provide the opportunity to work in all areas of the sector (Software, Hardware, Network).


Computer Programming Program; It is primarily related to areas such as software development (web, desktop and mobile) and database (design and management), hardware, maintenance-repair, network installation and management. Students in the Computer Programming program are trained as individuals who have sufficient knowledge in all areas of computer science, are equipped with the ability to apply their knowledge at a high level, and can continuously improve themselves in line with technological developments


What are Computer Programming Department Courses?
 - Math
 - Programming Visual
 - Database Management
 - Web designing
 - Computer Technologies
 - Network Systems
 - Internet Programming
 - Object Oriented Programming
 - Algorithm
 What are the Job Opportunities and Opportunities of the Computer Programming Department? Where Can I Find a Job and Work?

Computer programming graduates generally find employment in the private sector. They can work as personnel in the IT department in private companies. In addition, people who graduated from computer programming are employed in large software companies. There is a wide range of job opportunities for computer programming graduates. Computer programming graduates can work in companies and offices that write computer programs.
 What are Computer Programming Fields of Study?
They can also work in software companies in the IT department of companies. Computer programming can find a sizable job in the private sector. Here, they can work as computer technicians or software personnel in famous companies and companies.
Graduation Requirements
To graduate from this associate degree program, students must:
• To be successful in all the courses in the program curriculum and to collect at least 120 ECTS credits
• Having a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00.
• Completing 30 working days of compulsory internship required.


Education: Turkish

Duration:  2 Years Assosicated Degree

Tuition Fee: 2800 TL =  295 $ Per Year .( Please check daily currency rates )

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