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Think of a profession, television, radio, newspaper, magazine, social media, you are the architecture of all platforms that come to our mind. Getting information about current events all over the world is carried out by journalists. From sports stadiums to war zones, journalists are creative and intelligent observers committed to the art of telling. Journalists are at the forefront of information sharing. The news you have today came out of the hands of a journalist. If you are considering a career in a popular profession, journalism is for you!
Journalists graduated from Karabük University, Kastamonu University, Bilecik University graduate at a higher level than many other graduates. When you graduate from the journalism department, you can report on the field you have chosen and have the chance to advance your career in this direction.
What Can You Do When You Graduate From Journalism?
Candidates who graduated from Karabük, Kastamonu, Bilecik Universities;
- Presenter
- Journalist
- Editor
- Writer
- Public relations specialist
- Television/film producer
- Web Content Manager
- Photographer
can serve as.
You will receive all the training you need to be a good journalist, no matter which one you graduate from Karabuk University, Kastamonu University or Bilecik University. In the department of journalism, education is given for four years. You will gain many skills, from how to adapt a story, how to conduct an interview, to how to present information in creative and informative ways. Journalism is a popular profession. With a diploma from Turkey, you can use it in many countries of the world and improve yourself.
Is a Journalism Career the Right Choice for Me?
Journalism is an exciting and rewarding profession, but if you have the ability to think critically, adapt and adapt to flexible life, have a sense of creativity and independence, and have good communication and listening skills, then journalism is the profession for you. Imagine working as a journalist, you will be required to be involved with news and current affairs, passionate about your profession to improve the world. If you think you have these characteristics, journalism may be a good career for you.
Advantages of Journalism Profession for You:
As a journalist, you will have the opportunity to meet many different people. You will become an expert on how to communicate, and you will have the opportunity to examine the news and current events in depth. Since you will have the chance to study in Turkey, you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. If you want to take advantage of these advantages and take a step for yourself, the profession of journalism is for you!

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