Private Dormitories
We recommend whole international students stay in the Dormitory in their first year.All Private Dormitories are affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.
Kastamonu Yasemin Female Residance
Undoubtedly, the most important location that you should pay attention to when choosing a dormitory / apartment is the location. Kastamonu Yasemin Kiz Apart Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Kastamonu University. Students staying apart can easily reach the campus on foot and do not pay transportation fees.
The social environment has developed because university students usually live around the apartment.
There are many areas near the apartment where you can spend time with friends.
It is within walking distance to important areas of the city. Since it is also a 5-minute walk from the university, you can easily take advantage of the university's library, sports, food and other social/cultural facilities.
What’s Included?
• Morning breakfast & dinner
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekend
* Laundry, drying and ironing facilities
* Unlimited wireless internet
• 24-hour hot water
• 24/7 security guard
• 24/7 camera recording system

Twin – 2 people

3 People

 4 People

9000 ₺ 

8000 ₺ 

7000 ₺ 





Kastamonu Sıla Male Student Dormitory
What’s Included?
It provides services to university students within the body of Saban-ı Veli Education and Culture Association in Kastamonu. It is a 10-minute walk from Kastamonu University Faculty of Education and a 15-20-minute drive from other faculties. There is also a shuttle service facility to university campuses.
Dorm rooms are for 3-4-5 people. The rooms are equipped with a work desk, an orthopedic bed and a wardrobe as standard. Each room has a toilet and a bathroom. The rooms are heated by a central system in winter months.
Dormitory facilities: 3 meals, card entry system, reasonable room fees, 24-hour camera security, internet, shuttle service, heating system with heater, hot water, rich library, study room, laundry, drying and ironing facilities, social and cultural activities.
It is a state-funded dormitory with about 2000 TL. Prices range from 500-1500 TL for this year. There is a deposit of 300 TL. 1-year contract is made at your entrance.
Please contact us for further information with :
- Real Estate For Rent
- Real Estate Type Flat
- m² (Brüt) 135
- m² (Net) 125
- Number of Rooms 3+1
- Age of Building 5-10
- Floor Number 3
- Number of Floors 10
- Heating Central Heating Boilers
- Number of Bathrooms 1
- Balcony Available
- Furnished Yes
- User Status Empty
- Within a Building Complex No
- Dues Not Specified
- From Real Estate AgencyPlease contact us for further information with :
Gideros Bay, which has a postcard view of the western Black Sea, is almost a perfect kaftan for those who want a quiet holiday. Those who want to experience the peace of being able to see both green and blue when you open your eyes can stay in one of the hotels or hostels located here. Located in the Cide district of Kastamonu, this bay reveals all the beauty of nature. If you make your visit to Gideros Bay during the summer season, the trip will become much more beautiful for you. Here you can go to the sea and fish.
Ilica Waterfall, located in the Kastamonu Kure Mountains National Park, is one of the virgin corners of our country that has not yet been fully explored. So, as you can understand, this is a destination that my fellow travelers who love nature tourism should definitely go and see.
You will find yourself in an almost fantastic trip with fairytale-like vegetation. 
It is very normal for you to fall under the spell of the majestic rocks around the Ilica Waterfall, located at the beginning of the Horma Canyon, another natural wonder of Kastamonu. Not to mention the peace you will feel when you close your eyes and listen to the sound of running water.
Valla Canyon is located in Muratbaşı Village of Pınarbaşı District of Kastamonu Province. The canyon, which appeared recently, has a very different exploration story. it was discovered in 1994 as a result of four students who came here for a trip from Istanbul Technical University disappeared and left Cide district, another charming district of Kastamonu, fourteen days later.
The canyon, which found media coverage and became famous in a short time, entered the top four in the world ranking and claimed the title of the largest canyon in our country. This canyon, where nature lovers show a lot of interest, has attracted great attention in a short time and has become a place to visit. However, it is not possible to pass the Canyon, which consists of quite difficult trails, without equipment.
Kastamonu Castle, located at a point dominating the city of Kastamonu, has a history of about 1000 years. 12. yy.the castle of Kastamonu, the first foundation of which was laid by the Komnenos, has been the site of many wars in history and has been a defense mechanism. Today, it has become a symbol of the city of Kastamonu. The inner castle section of the castle that has survived to the present day was built during the Candaroğulları period.
The outer walls of the castle 18. yy. it has also been destroyed as a result of wars. Especially during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, the castle has undergone great changes. The castle, which was repaired during the Ottoman period, was badly damaged in a major earthquake in 1943. The remaining parts of the castle today are the reflection of Turkish architecture.
Istiklal Road is a 344 km road that starts from the coast of Inebolu and extends to Ankara via Kastamonu and Çankırı, which was used to deliver ammunition to the front with kağrım throughout the Turkish War of Independence to Inebolu by sea. in 2018, a national park with an area of 2,357 decares was declared.
Throughout the war, ammunition and weapons that arrived by ships off Inebolu were transported to Inebolu by boats and carried to the front by the women of Kastamonu under difficult conditions.
The 95 km section of the Istiklal Road between Inebolu and Kastamonu, within the borders of Kastamonu province, has been marked by the Governorship of Kastamonu and arranged as a walking route. Dec. Since 2006, the "Istiklal Way and Atatürk Walk" extending from Kastamonu to Inebolu has been organized by the Kastamonu governorate.
The architect Kemaleddin Bey drew the plan of the museum building located in the city center of Kastamonu and it was built in 1917 as a Union and Progress Club. the building, which served as the Independence Court in 1921, also functioned as the Turkish January, People's Joke and Kastamonu Youth Organization buildings until 1945.
On August 30, 1925, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk gave his second speech on the hat and clothing revolution here after Inebolu. while it was a warehouse where archaeological artifacts were collected between 1945 and 1952, it was turned into a regional museum in 1952. Dec. There are rich artifacts related to various periods in the museum, which sheds light on the history of the first age of the region with many artifacts collected from Kastamonu and its surroundings. In addition, a part of the exhibition is organized as the Atatürk Hall, and various items and photographs that Atatürk used on his trip to Kastamonu in 1925 are exhibited.

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