Doing a Master's Degree in Turkey

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With the increase in the educated population around the world, the decrease in the importance of university diplomas has increased the importance of graduate diplomas. It is now important to have a master's degree for professional competence. While the admission requirement to the graduate programs of each university differs, foreign students have been in demand for graduate programs in Turkey in recent years.
Among the reasons why Turkey is so popular for international students; There are many job opportunities, unique culture due to its attractive location, and attractive living conditions. Students in Turkey have the chance to find a place for themselves in cities with unique beauties in the country with vast wealth. Great opportunity to learn, advance in your career and explore! Studying in Turkey, two of the Seven Wonders of the World, is fascinating!
Students studying in Turkey do their lessons on weekdays and exploration on weekends to both explore and read. In universities with affordable tuition fees, students complete their master's degrees at affordable prices. The tuition fee is below the tuition fees in many countries. Not only the tuition fee, but also all living costs, from accommodation to food and shopping, from health to entertainment, are low enough to surprise you in Turkey. Moreover, you can get one of the many scholarships for international students. If you want the best and cheap, the place to go is Turkey. Turkey is a dream country for students.

Which University in Turkey Should I Do a Master's Degree?


Students from all over the world come to study in Turkey, and you can be one of them. If you want to study in English, there are many universities with English programs, you can make your own choice. Successful academic staff in Turkish universities remove the obstacles to your success and prepare a bright future for your academic success and career. At the university where you will receive a master's degree, your friend groups and academic staff will welcome you in a warm environment and you can participate in organizations outside of classes. In addition, if you are a student in Turkey, you can work in your spare time, your teachers will contribute to your study and become your reference. You can communicate closely with your graduate professors and develop yourself in fields such as science, art and architecture. Every university in Turkey has its own requirements, you can review the application conditions after choosing the university you want. In Turkey, master's degree is divided into two as master's with thesis and master's without thesis. Master's with thesis usually takes two years, while master's without thesis takes one year. Students are expected to do research to improve their field. After completing the master's degree, many advantages will now be waiting for you. Now you are an expert in your field and you are 90% more advantageous than other candidates in finding a job in Turkey or around the world.


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