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Nursing profession is a department that is always needed and the demand is increasing day by day all over the world. It is an important occupational group in the health sector for every country. Students who earn a nursing degree meet the physical and psychological needs of patients. There is a need for staff in the nursing and health services group in many countries around the world. Therefore, when you get a nursing degree, you will have a profession that you will be in demand in many countries. You will make the biggest investment for yourself with a bachelor's degree in nursing in Turkey. Kastamonu University, Bilecik University, Karabuk University are one of the universities that provide the best nursing education in Turkey. It is possible to earn a nursing degree with a 4-year education at Kastamonu University, Bilecik University, Karabuk University.
At Kastamonu University, Bilecik University, Karabuk University he will gain theoretical education, clinical skills and hospital skills in a 4-year period; you will have basics of nursing, communication skills, therapeutic approach and practice, health sciences, drug management, practical nursing skills. When you study nursing, you can determine your field of study and earn titles in various nursing fields:
-Adult Nursing
-Child Nursing
-Mental Health Nursing
Why Should You Get Nursing Education in Turkey?
Studying nursing in Turkey means you have access to great career opportunities from around the world after you graduate. Nursing program accreditation at Kastamonu University, Karabuk University, Bilecik University arecompatible with other countries. In addition, studying in Turkey has many advantages: you can learn everything about the rich Turkish culture, improve your language, meet friends from all over the world who come to Kastamonu University, Bilecik University, Karabuk University and learn about their culture.
If you are curious about the perfection of the functioning of the human body, if you are passionate about caring for others, if you want to have a career that can help you make a difference, getting a nursing degree may be for you. During the undergraduate education, you will have both theoretical and practical experience. Kastamonu University, Karabuk University, Bilecik University works in conjunction with hospitals to provide students with the best possible education. If you earn a degree in nursing in Turkey, you will find employment opportunities in all countries where your diploma is accepted; You can also choose countries such as Germany, Norway, Denmark, Australia. You can also improve your language by studying English in Turkey and find a job much easier in the country you want.
If you are planning to be a part of the international healthcare industry and are looking for the best country to study nursing, we are here for you to decide! The demand for nurses all over the world is increasing every year, especially with the increase in the need for health services with the pandemic, the need for nurses has increased.
You will feel happy that you will help patients recover.
Since there is a demand for nurses all over the world, you will not encounter a problem such as unemployment and you will have job opportunities all over the world.
Nurses are the backbone of the health system in a country and support doctors in many ways.
The nursing profession is a profession that constantly renews itself, they successfully conduct their work experience with many patient groups they encounter.

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