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Young people who are considering building their careers on applying the principles of engineering and problem solving techniques to biology and medicine, this article is for you!


Consider two related professions; You are part of a rapidly evolving field that is making a significant difference in healthcare, from diagnosis and analysis to treatment and recovery, to the development of implantable medical devices such as pacemakers. While engineering itself is an innovative field, biomedical engineering is an evolving discipline that focuses on developments that improve human health and healthcare at all levels. Bioengineering is about measure, model, build. Bioengineering, which is a fast-growing and constantly developing field of study, advances by contributing to many fields by combining the fields of exploration, health, medicine and engineering.


Biomedical engineers differ from other engineering disciplines that have an impact on human health; Biomedical engineers integrate engineering with human biology to improve human health by using and applying deep knowledge of modern biological principles in engineering design processes. If you want to take your place in such a wide area, Kastamonu University Biomedical Engineering is for you. Bioengineering, on the other hand, combines many engineering fields, unlike biomedical engineering.


Biomedical engineers work in a wide variety of settings and disciplines. There are opportunities in the industry to innovate, design and develop new technologies; advancing research in academia and going beyond the medically possible, as well as testing, implementing and developing new diagnostic tools and medical equipment; and work on ensuring safety standards for medical devices. Biomedical engineering is an extremely broad field with many specialist opportunities.


Career paths in biomedical engineering are often determined by an individual's interests: The very broad field allows biomedical engineers to develop expertise in a field that interests them, such as biomaterials, neuromodulation devices, orthopedic repair, or even stem cell engineering. Biomedical engineers often combine problem-solving and technical knowledge with focused work in medicine, healthcare, and helping others. Bioengineering graduates; they are employed in many fields such as medical device production, pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutions. In addition, graduates can pursue careers in medicine, law, business and other fields. Focusing on solving problems in biology and medicine, bioengineers advance in a life-saving field.


Compared to many other engineering fields, biomedical engineers earn higher. Compared to other fields, they earn well above the average at all stages of their careers. Combining a wide range of engineering disciplines with medicine and human biology, biomedical engineers work with doctors and medical professionals to develop technologies that improve and save people's lives.


You can work in public or private hospital systems, or in organizations that design and manufacture medical devices, or as part of a research team looking to solve medical problems. It's the perfect branch for those who want to explore problem solving and how things work in detail. If you want to complete your Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, there are many reasons to choose Kastamonu University Biomedical Engineering as your first choice. If you want to work in a field that combines many disciplines, Bilecik University Bioengineering Department is for you. Bilecik University is focused on interdisciplinary, applied research with an international vision for success. If you have a dream of developing new medical devices and physiological system modeling, Kastamonu University Biomedical Engineering Department is for you. If you are thinking more broadly to improve and improve human, animal and plant life using biological techniques, Bilecik University is for you. Biomedical engineers develop new medical devices, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and models of physiological systems. bioengineers; It focuses on improving human, animal and plant life using biological techniques.


In the biomedical engineering program, you can take courses and collaborate with world-renowned educators and researchers at Kastamonu University, one of the best

universities in Turkey. Lessons; It combines mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, chemistry and materials engineering, allowing you to specialize in the fields that best suit your interests and wishes. The knowledge you acquire allows you to contribute to innovative discoveries in fields such as biomedical technology, orthopedic or tissue engineering, bioelectronics and computational simulation of biomedical systems.


Bilecik University is best positioned for students to engineer for the digital age and is integrated with advanced fundamental studies in data computing . If you want to develop


innovative thoughts for health and make life easier for people, Bilecik University is waiting for you.


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