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Those interested in veterinary science study the diseases of animals. Students who study in Turkey receive education for five years. Veterinary medicine is one of the most in-demand professions and there is a very low unemployment rate among graduates. For 5 years, veterinary candidates receive most of the training that includes medical education, focusing on animals. Veterinary graduates take part in surgeries, practices, zoos, education and research processes.

If you want veterinary school, we know you work hard and want to spend your college years studying and discipline. KASTAMONU University is a great opportunity to take you to the top in your career journey!

KASTAMONU University  provides scientific and clinical education to train leading students in the field of veterinary medicine. In the first two years, basic veterinary education is given first, and clinical education is emphasized from the third year. The purpose of the veterinary department is to train students who will provide health services for domestic animals, poultry, cattle and small cattle, and produce aquatic animals. Students who successfully complete the veterinary department receive the title of "Veterinarian". You will be loaded with more emotions than your innate love for animals on your journey to start in your veterinary career. You will have the chance to work with animals, and you will experience emotional and professional satisfaction. You can improve your diagnostic skills as you will have the chance to work with different animal species. In addition, you will have a comfortable life by earning a high level of income. Since you have the chance to set up your own practice, you can work flexibly and determine your own workload.

While studying veterinary medicine, you can also go to European Universities in midterm with the student exchange program ERASMUS. It is a profession with a wide range of work from Türkiye and abroad after graduation.

As a veterinarian, it will undoubtedly be a unique feeling for you as a veterinarian to be with patients who cannot speak as a physician but who show their gratitude to you. If you enjoy helping animals and being in a world surrounded by animals every day, becoming a veterinarian is for you!

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