Studying Agricultural Engineering in Turkey

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Studying Agricultural Engineering in Turkey
Turkey is one of the largest agricultural countries in the world, therefore it is a country where agricultural engineers are needed and qualified agricultural engineers are trained. With the excellent education you receive in Turkey, you can have the chance to work in many countries around the world where there are blooming meadows in spring, vibrant fruit gardens and many animal species in autumn. In today's world, the agricultural sector is a modern industry that needs knowledgeable experts. Agricultural engineering is agricultural production and processing engineering. Agricultural engineers work to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of agricultural practices. Agricultural engineers generally operate in the fields of agricultural production and management. In today's world, agricultural engineers combine technology with agricultural principles and increase the efficiency of agricultural practices by ensuring that agriculture is carried out under advanced conditions.
Agricultural Engineering department is a 4-year undergraduate department. Students studying at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences and Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University take the following courses;
• Botany,
• Zoology,
• Meteorology,
• Basic Information Technologies,
• Soil Information,
• Technical Drawing,
• General Economy,
• Ecology,
• Agricultural History and Deontology,
• Plant Physiology,
• Engineering Mathematics,
Material information,
• General Microbiology,
• Genetics,
• Agricultural Economics and Management,
• Animal Breeding Techniques,
• Agricultural Mechanization,
• Food Science and Technology,
• General Horticultural Pests
And students will be responsible for many other courses throughout their 8-semester education period. Students who successfully complete all these courses are entitled to obtain the "Agricultural Engineering Undergraduate Diploma". Candidate students who successfully complete this department gain the title of "Agricultural Engineer".
The United Nations estimates that the population will rise to 10.4 billion by 2100. As the population increases, the demand for food also increases, so the need for Agricultural Engineers increases. The agricultural education received by students who want to become agricultural engineers is vital. Thanks to agricultural education, students studying agricultural engineering have comprehensive knowledge of where their food comes from and can meet the needs of the increasing population, and you can take your place in a sector whose needs are increasing day by day. The Agricultural Engineering education you will receive from Sakarya University of Applied Sciences and Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University includes laboratory analyzes of agriculture, natural resources, food resources and related issues. Since agriculture is indispensable for life, it sustains the human population.
10 Reasons Why You Should Study at the Faculty of Agriculture:
As ALS Group, let's examine 10 reasons why agricultural education is important for today's society and future generations:
1. To meet the increasing food demand of the growing population, agricultural engineers are revitalizing the agricultural industry. Agricultural engineers increase food security by learning the basics of crop cultivation and animal husbandry development at university.
2. Students studying at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences and Şeyh Edebali University learn technology while learning food production.
3. Agricultural engineers help sustain the economy. The agricultural sector is a constantly growing field that contributes billions of dollars to the economy. As agricultural engineers, you can expand the positive effects of agriculture on the economy by teaching people how agriculture works and how to practice it correctly.
4. You can have many career opportunities when you graduate from agricultural engineering; farming. You can have career opportunities in agricultural engineering, agribusiness, agricultural marketing, food inspection and many more.
5. You can keep food costs low by establishing your own agricultural network and gaining competence.
6. You can touch the lives of many people by learning the importance of natural resources through the education you receive and ensuring sustainability in agriculture along with the increase in population.
7. You can learn about the problems affecting agriculture around the world and become successful scientists in the field of agriculture by finding solutions to these problems.
8. While engineers who graduate from the faculty of agriculture can find jobs in all ministries and the private sector, many engineers can also start their own businesses. Agricultural engineers, who are constantly in touch with nature and soil, both love their profession more and provide the income necessary for their life.
9. Agricultural engineers have a huge impact on human health and environmental pollution.
10. Agricultural education. It is one of the important disciplines that combines the knowledge obtained from other studies. For example, students. They draw on the science of geology and ecology as they learn how various plants grow in different climates.

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