Shape One's Future with the World's Best University!

Shape One's Future with the World's Best University!

Turkey is the second country in the world in providing ease of access to higher education institutions. One of the countries that professionally carry out the European Higher Education Area bologna process, which started in 1999, is Turkey. Diploma from any university in Turkey is valid in European countries. Course credits are recognized by European countries. In addition, Turkish universities carry out student exchange programs and Erasmus programs in the most successful way. Karabuk University, one of these universities, is a light for students who want to shape their future. Karabuk University is among the top 1200 universities in the world in the list of the best universities in the world by Times Higher Education. Karabuk University has 15 faculties and 13 Schools. Karabuk University admits hundreds of foreign students to state and foundation universities every year. Turkish academics have a rich experience in educating university students with academic knowledge and equipment. The advantages of studying at Turkish universities for foreign students have greatly increased. Karabuk University is which stands out among universities in Turkey. Karabuk University is distinguished from other universities with its green and unique architecture, strong academic staff and social opportunities. The location of the university you study at is as important as the university you study at. Karabuk is the most popular city of the Black Sea with its historical and natural beauties. Safranbolu district of Karabuk city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since Karabuk University is close to big cities, transportation opportunities are wide and easy. You can reach Istanbul in 4 hours by road. There are dormitories and houses for students in the district where the university is located. Due to its proximity to the university, students do not have any problems with accommodation, and since the university is 5 km away from the city center, there is no problem in transportation. Every part of the city of Karabuk is green and it is a city of nature. The city of Karabuk is a very safe city, and the public and university students are very friendly and helpful. It is an ideal city for those who want to study in a quiet and safe city. In addition, Karabuk University does not strain the pockets of the students economically. The number of students of Karabuk University is increasing day by day, it is a university that grows faster than the population of the city.

The reason for its rapid growth is its green and unique campus, strong and young academic staff, and the abundance of social opportunities. In addition, Karabuk University is the best university in the world in foreign language education and foreign language teaching. It is the first public university accredited by EAQUALS. With its quality-oriented vision, Karabuk University is among the top 20 universities in the world that publish the most widespread scientific articles on medicine, health, chemistry and physical sciences. In addition, when Karabuk University is evaluated among nearly 200 universities in Turkey, it is among the top 20 universities that find jobs the fastest and easiest. . When the education of award-winning film directors is investigated, Karabük University is among the top 10 universities.

More than 11 thousand students from all over the world study at Karabuk University, and Karabuk University ranks first among 81 universities when learning mobility is evaluated. When you study at Karabuk University, you will have the chance to study at an environmentally friendly university with a solar energy system and a campus with natural beauties. With its library, advanced laboratories, sportive living areas and smart buildings, you will take your place in a comfortable and technology-enabled university that provides opportunities for academic studies. In addition to their academic success, Karabuk University students can improve themselves and have fun student years by participating in many activities. Many joint projects are being developed with the industry cooperation of Karabuk University, so that students do not have any problems in doing internships and finding a job after graduation. In addition, Karabuk University is the university of firsts, the first medical engineering department, the first risk management department, the first iron and steel institute and the first moon-star stadium in the world are in Karabuk University. You can participate in many sports activities from the swimming pool to table tennis, and there are also fitness and sauna facilities. Within the campus; There is a cafeteria for 2500 people and 21 shops. Concerts are held every year in the crescent and star stadium with a capacity of 25 thousand people. Turkey is a tolerant society, in a country where there is no racial conflict, religious oppression and ethnic conflicts, you can easily find a job after studying and training with confidence. Compared to many European and American countries, education and living prices in Turkey are quite affordable. There are dormitories for foreign students, students can easily settle in dormitories and the prices are very low. The language of instruction is English in many programs. There are also language trainings for Turkish or English programs. At many universities with 4-year and 2-year departments, you can choose the program that suits you. The diploma you have in Turkey is recognized by other countries of the world. If you are looking for a university that has many natural beauties, has a wide culture, where you can have fun while studying, and where you can easily find a job when you graduate, you can find the answer to all your wishes at Karabuk University.


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