Be on the Front Lines in the World

Be on the Front Lines in the World of the Future!

Today, there is no application in which the use of technology is avoided. If you are interested in electrical or electronics, we are here to assist you in your career!

Electrical-electronics department; transportation, health, construction, artificial intelligence, economy are necessary for the development of a number of sectors. Electrical - electronic technicians are people who will benefit society, create and develop systems. Today, the smart phones we have, the equipment in health and education work with electrical systems. With the rapid expansion of the technology sector, the demand for people who can create, understand and support electrical control systems has increased. Electrical and electronics engineers and technicians work to improve the devices we use every day. The electrical and electronics department is an integral part of our modern life. If students want to deal with power supply and flow, they choose the electrical department. They choose the electronics section to create the devices. If you are interested in mathematics and science, if you like to do useful things for technology and society, this section is for you. If you're interested in how electrical appliances work, you probably have some skills if you're curious, all you need right now is to earn a degree. At Yozgat Bozok University, students take part in projects and have an impact on the life of society.

Students who graduate from electrical and electronics departments start their careers without any problems. There is a need for individuals with electrical and electronic knowledge all over the world, so most employers look for well-educated, practical and fresh knowledge. Yozgat Bozok University, where you will get a good education, is with you in this process!

Yozgat Bozok University academics do their best to specialize their students by transferring their knowledge and experience to young people, and students start the business world with experience as they involve students in projects. Being an electrical and electronics technician means you have the key to open business doors anywhere in the world. The laws of mathematics and physics are universal all over the world from past to present and the education received is explained in the universal language. For this, many companies accept students with international education. For this, it opens the door of the whole world to well-trained technicians.

By following Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, you can be the person who will make the world better by using your electrical and electronic knowledge. You can choose the job in which you will develop yourself from a wide range of careers. At Bozok Yozgat University:

  • Electricity and Energy Department/Electricity Program
  • Electrical and Automation Department/Electronic Technology Program

By choosing the programs, you can get a technician degree with high salaries and without the hassle of a job. The electrical and electronics department is advancing with technology. Start your career ahead by making the right choice for the world of the future. The electrical-electronics program focuses more on practicality than theory during the two-year period. With an associate degree, you can quickly chart your career. You will learn the practical skills that direct workplaces need for 2 years. The courses are hands-on, you practice directly in laboratories where you will have the chance to work. After graduation, if you want to enter the industry, you can continue your way as a technician, and you also have the chance to complete a bachelor's degree. When you complete your 2-year education, you can take advantage of the time without losing 2 years by directly participating in business life with the knowledge you have. You can complete your education to a bachelor's degree while you work, as you receive practical training. If you want to be the most preferred international employee in a short time, this section is for you!

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