Property Guard and Security Department / Civil Defense and Firefightin

Mülkiyet Koruma ve Güvenlik Departmanı / Sivil Savunma ve İtfaiye Programı

After the sad experiences in natural disasters, the need to train disaster and emergency rescue personnel in universities arose. Yozgat Bozok University also opened a civil defense and firefighting program to train disaster and emergency personnel. The main purpose of Yozgat Bozok University is to train its students in accordance with world standards. The main purpose of academicians is; for two years, to teach the technical features of the equipment to the students, to teach the application methods to the students, to train students who will adapt to the world standards.

What do students gain as a result of the Civil Defense and Firefighting Program?

• As a result of two years of education, Yozgat Bozok University students can master fire trucks and use the equipment.

• They can intervene in fires, overcome dangers.

• They can conduct research on the fire and manage the incident.

• They gain knowledge of rescue vehicles and become pioneers of rescue operations.

• They can take precautions against fire, they prepare indoor and outdoor precautions plans.

Yozgat Bozok University Civil Defense and Firefighting Department students are entitled to an associate degree at the end of two years of education. As students can stay in Turkey, they can also open up to the world and become personnel of fire brigades. Civil Defense and Firefighting department is a department based on theoretical and applied courses. Students who successfully pass these courses receive the title of "Civil Defense and Firefighting Technician". The need for Civil Defense and Fire Fighting Technicians is inevitable in terms of protecting people's life and property safety. Civil defense and firefighter technicians raise awareness of the society, and they carry out studies to protect people or important belongings in case of fire and to keep them away from the fire. They also participate in search and rescue efforts in case of disasters such as floods, earthquakes or storms.

There is no such thing as the unemployment of Civil Defense and Firefighter technicians. It is one of the most valuable personnel of life and property safety. As civil defense and firefighting technicians, they can work in emergency departments, search and rescue teams, airports, ports, fire departments, and also work in companies that produce and sell fire protection materials.

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