Studying in a big city in Turkey or studying in a small city?

Studying in a big city in Turkey or studying in a small city?


Prospective students are based on the country when researching the place where they will study. However, another important issue for prospective students is deciding whether they want to live in the big city or in the small city.

Choosing the right university directly affects one's future. While it is a great advantage to study at a university with high academic success in a modest city, the hustle and bustle of the city can turn into a disadvantage in a big city. We have provided information to help prospective students in their selection. We have touched on the most important points to consider when choosing between studying in a big city or studying in a small city

  • Cost of living: Price is definitely important when choosing a home for students today. Meals, bills, and other overheads other than accommodation differ significantly in large and small cities. Education and training life is expensive and studying abroad is not cheap! Unfortunately, choosing an exchange program or winning a scholarship does not change the situation. Studying in a big city may sound tempting, but the truth is, housing in big cities is expensive and hard to find. Your cost of living is lower in a small city. This means you can quickly save money to explore the country or visit other cities. 

Price and academic achievement must be kept in balance when investing in a career. When we evaluate the big cities, entertainment and shopping opportunities are more, but the prices are high enough to force not only the student's budget, but also an employee's budget. Modest life in small cities, the house you choose for yourself will not strain the student budget. Even if you study in big cities, your house or dormitory will be in a small part of the city. 

  • Social Environment: It is valuable for many students to have environments where they can form important friendships. But every person is different and has a different lifestyle. Big cities are the places where different people are the most. It is difficult to choose people with whom you can establish friendships among the large number of people. In addition, instead of spending big budgets when you will spend with your friends, eating with your friends in a small city is not considered a luxury because the prices are student-friendly. 
  • Security: There are two types of students when it comes to security. Students who think that they will live their lives in the best way and have more opportunities in the big city: there are students who want to focus only on their academic success in a comfortable, safe environment in a small city. Environments that combine academic success and trust directly affect the success of students. When this situation is evaluated, the crime rate in big cities is higher than in small cities. 
  • Job Opportunities: It is valuable for students to have a job, gain experience, and finance their economic situation while studying. Every city in Turkey has a developed separate sector. Although job opportunities seem high in big cities, the number of people competing is high. The job search process becomes frustrating for students. When students consider this situation in their university selection, they will be advantageous for small cities in terms of economy and work experience. 

Yozgat Bozok University is one of the universities in the small city with a very high academic success. For students studying in the big city, there is always something to do outside. It is difficult for them to focus on the course because there are many things outside that will appeal to them, and their success is likely to decrease in the university they come for academic life. 

It is impossible to create your personal space among too many people, it is difficult to take time for yourself. The atmosphere is sultry because of the large number of people. It's easier to build real relationships and bonds in small cities. You can quickly become familiar and close to the streets and people in the city, there are community events for people to mingle. Since the classes at the university are smaller, there is a bond between the lecturers and the students, to which BİLECİK,KARABÜK,KASTAMONU,SAKARYA UYGULAMA BİLİMLER,YOZGAT BOZOK  Universities students owe their academic success. People do not act in a hurry, lecturers take care of their students comfortably, they experience less stress, because there is no complicated life. 

The need for public transport in small cities is minimal. You can reach every part of the city quickly and easily. Students who will choose BİLECİK,KARABÜK,KASTAMONU,SAKARYA UYGULAMA BİLİMLER,YOZGAT BOZOK  can travel between cities using the airport. Small cities are often close to forests, beaches, farmland or mountains. 


Our recommendation for students who want to study in a decent, comfortable, successful and reliable city is BİLECİK,KARABÜK,KASTAMONU,SAKARYA UYGULAMA BİLİMLER,YOZGAT BOZOK 



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