To ensure student welfare there is a curfew of 10pm everynight unless the students are on a supervised ALS group activity or unless the student’s parents have specified an earlier time.

On arrival at the school students will receive a copy of the school rules. These will explain Acceptable and Non-acceptable behavior with an emphasis on the safety and well-being of the student.

The safety and security of the children is our top priority. Students are under the supervision of their tutors both in the classroom and on social activities.

All valuables (passports, tickets and large amounts of money) can be left with the Course Director for the first morning at school. These will be kept securely locked in the school. Pocket money can be sent to ALS Group directly before the student arrives and the Course Director will be able to distribute it once a week. Students will be able to buy phone cards from ALS Group, so they can save money on international phone calls.

Individual public transport fees are not included in the course fees so it is advisable for students to buy a travel card.

Medical insurance is not included in the programme fee either. Student should send a copy of medical insurance before arrival.

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