Antalya SAT (Exam) Summer School (2019)
This SAT Exam Preparation is arranged  for who wants to study at a Turkish University.Because  international Students are acccepted to many Turkish Universities by SAT Exam Score
SAT 1 Preparation Courses
Course Details
Language Levels: B1/B2 – Upper Intemediate Level -Independent User
Course Duration: 5 weeks Total 100 hours courses
Lessons per week: 20 Lessons
Average class size: Minimum 6 / Max. 12
Start Date:  1 July 2019  Monday
Why ALS  SAT Summer School ?
Your English may be good, but without  strategy of   SAT Preparation , it’s hard to succeed without knowing how to approach SAT questions. In addition to good education, an illuminating analytical thinking education is required as well as the ability to interpret in some questions. Otherwise it is almost impossible to get the desired score for SAT. Our teachers have been experts in the field of SAT training for many years; our free materials are exactly the same as the content of the exam.

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