Antalya 2019 English Language Course

In our general English Summer School program in Antalya, students learn to speak and learn English by having fun with local and foreign students. Antalya SUMMER SCHOOL program is not only the course but the training + PRATIK is given as balanced.

Lesson hours:

09.00 – 12.30 Weekdays 4 lessons per day, 5 days a week 20 lessons, 80 lessons per month.

Afternoon social activities:

Students can speak English with their teachers and also have the opportunity to practice and practice.

why students do not speak English in Turkey?

Students are unable to improve their language because they cannot find a language to speak, and after a certain period of time, the unspoken language is forgotten.



In 2018 we have added more + Survivor Antalya program as a practical. Students will learn foreign language by competing with foreign teachers and foreign students.


Who can participate:

8-11 and 12 -17 Age Group each student

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Book: Books are included in the price.

Registration requirements:

1-Online SUMMER SCHOOL Application Form Filling

2- Health Certificate

3- Depositing the course fee,

4-Summer School contract signed and email or cargos ALS Ozel Training Services, Kizilsaray Mah. 81 sk 25- 11 Must be sent to Muratpaşa Antalya.

Call Center

+90 850 800 14 26