It is a globally recognized local Turkish test conducted by most Turkish universities. It is an abbreviation of Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı, which means in Turkish the test of foreign students. The Yös test is a prerequisite for admission to Turkish public universities.

In general YOS Exam consist of :

Mathematics questions with logic and intelligence questions. It is worth noting that there is no fixed distribution of questions, as the distribution of questions in the YOS test varies from one university to another, but different universities offer questions that revolve around assessing the student’s level of intellectual intelligence and his ability to mathematical analysis. The difference in the distribution of questions is due to the vision of each university, the method of screening students, knowing their capabilities, and making a comparison on this basis. The student must know these percentages and these details for each test before starting to register for it, and what is specifically required of him to obtain an excellent result that gives the student priority in the differentiation.
As for the time allotted to take the YOS test in most universities, it is (100) minutes to answer (80) questions, and it means that the time allotted for each question is 1.15 minutes.
Attending the University of Bozok and KUTAHYA to TUNISIA For the YOS Exam
ON 23 and 24 of JULY 2022 in TOUNES and SOUSSE

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