Marocco YOS EXAM of KARABUK University 2022

Karabuk University student admissions will be given after the Feast of Ramadan. Only Engineering faculty admissions will be given to students who take the Marocco YÖS exam. We will announce the place and time of the exam in the coming days. Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt students can apply with a Diploma. Egyptian students must have a diploma grade of at least 70%. You can view the programs here


We give priority to Turkish programs, if there is a place, an English programs will be given to those who send at least 2 Turkish programs

High school seniors, that is, they have not finished high school yet, can be accepted with their first semester grades.



APPLICATION DATE        29th April 2022     -             23th May 2022


Exam date          28 May 2022        Casablanca  City


                            29  May 2022       Agadir  City


Printing of exam entrance documents  24-25th May 2022




Application for KBU-ULOS in CASABLANCA

 Application for KBU-ULOS in AGADIR


( Karabuk University International Student Exam )


Please for more information contact :

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Morocco Phone    +212777221283

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ALS Group - Atlas Center (Solution Partner )  For information



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