2 Years COOKING program in Turkey

The 2-years COOKING program has become a career field for many young people as a result of the rising value of cookery, the proliferation of corporate and chain hotels and restaurants in Turkey, and the spread of people's eating out cultures. If it is assumed that at least one cook is working in every cooking place, it should not go unnoticed how much staff is needed in this area.

Today, the number of organizations that train both professional and amateur cooks is increasing in Turkey and the world. It is very important in terms of quality that these trainings are carried out in an academic environment and through the implementation phases. In the past, there was a master-apprentice relationship or chief cooks who were mostly graduated from vocational high schools, now there are 4 or 2-year gastronomy and cooking departments opened in many important universities in Turkey, and there are chefs who are interested in the preparation and presentation of every meal used in meals.

For all this reason, as Karabük University and Bilecik University, we aim to train professional chefs, which are needed by our country first, and then worldwide, in accordance with international standards, in order to learn both the need for qualified people and the profession of cooking in an academic environment.

At the end of the education, students have a 2-year vocational school diploma.

For more information, write to us e-mail: info@alsgroup.net  The annual tuition fee of the Culinary Program is 2500 TL = 300 $ (Follow the current dollar rate https://www.xe.com/


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