Online Turkish Courses
Online Turkish courses are becoming more and more popular

.Why Online Turkish:

• I do not have time to go to the course, you can get  turkish from your home, your office.

• You can spend time and travel expenses for  online Turkish course.

• l live abroad, l plan to study university next year in Turkey, before coming to Turkey, l want to improve my Turkish

Take a test to discover your Turkish

Take a free test to find out your Turkish Level

Elementary level  Online Turkish course with 5 hours of live classes per week and access to library of practice activities. 

Introduction to Online General  Turkish courses

Our Online General  Turkish courses are designed for anybody who wants to learn  Turkish language, there are many reasons to learn Turkish : for university, for work, for travel, or even just for fun!

This online course will give you access to our live classes, fun and interactive lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher and joined by students from around the world. You will also be able to explore our online materials library, filled with lessons, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes, and practice to help you improve your Turkish level quickly.

What you’ll get in the  online Turkish Courses

One hour of lessons every day from Monday to Friday.
Activities to help you improve all areas of Turkish (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
Personalized advice from your teacher – learn how to improve quickly.

By the end of the online Turkish Courses

you will be more comfortable speaking Turkish language
you will have studied lots of new vocabulary and grammar
you will progress from beginner / elementary to pre-intermediate

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