Turkey State Universities Pre-Registration Time For 2021-2022 Season

Dear Valuable Partner

Thanks for 2019-2020 Season  and sending students to Turkish State Universities. The Demand of State Universities is increasing every year.

Our Pre Registrations will be started in 1  April 2021 this season. l  hope that We reach  more students than last year.

We will have Some Reminders:

  •  Filling the UPS FORM Completely  https://www.alsgroup.net/Formlar/UpsFormu.aspx
  • Let's increase the E-mail instead of Whatsapp
  • Education Language of State Universitie in  Turkish. Some Departments are in English. Therefore When you register at least 3 Students to Turkish Programs,  1 Student to ENGLISH Program.   (How System will work ) Every 3 Turkish Program -  1 English Program )
  • You can keep in touch with Ms Busra Gurcan who is charge of Operation (Registration - Pick up Airport - Arrange Accommodation etc) busra@alsgroup.net
Yours Faithfully
Yıldıray OLGUN General Sales  & Marketing Manager
yildiray@alsgroup.net  +  90 850 800 1426  Ext: 1000

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