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Biomedical Engineering can be defined as the development of new techniques and methods for diagnosis and treatment using the engineering techniques and knowledge, supporting and replacing defective body parts when necessary.

Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary subject that began to flourish in the early 1950s and developed rapidly after 1970. The fact that the subject is comprehensive, health-related and related to various disciplines has attracted the attention of experts in various fields and this has enabled the rapid development of the subject. Throughout its development, various definition debates have been made, and in a report published in 1971, the National Academy of Engineering determined the nature of the subject and divided it into three main branches:

  1. Bioengineering: Applying engineering techniques and opinions to the recognition of biological systems and the development of medical applications;
  2. Medical Engineering: The use of engineering techniques and opinions in the development of devices, materials, diagnostic and treatment devices, artificial organs and other devices used in biology and medicine;
  3. Clinical Engineering: Applying engineering ideas, methods and techniques to improve health care within various organizations (universities, hospitals, government and industry, etc.).

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